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In order to use PrivateAnalytix, you need to register for an account. We offer a free 7-day trial without requiring a credit card up front.

During your 7-day trial, you will not have any limitations or restrictions to your pageview allotment. PrivateAnalytix is very lightweight, which means you can start using it alongside your Google Analytics without any tangible impact to your web site's performance.

Register an account

Fill in your name, email address and choose a strong password. Then click "Register" to register your PrivateAnalytix account.

Activate your trial

  • Tap the "Upgrade" button at the bottom left of your dashboard.

  • Select the plan you'd like to try out during your 7-day trial and press "Start Trial"

  • Fill in your information and click "Start" to start your 7-day trial

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