Opt out and exclude yourself from the analytics

You can opt out of your own clicks from being counted by PrivateAnalytix. It is very simple to do.

If you'd like to opt out and exclude yourself from the analytics, do the following:

1. Add the PrivateAnalytix pixel code to your site

Ensure that the PrivateAnalytix pixel code is properly added to your web site. You can learn how to add your PA pixel to your web site here.

2. Find your machine's unique IP address

In order to exclude yourself from the analytics, you need to identify your IP address, PrivateAnalytix knows who you are.

Go to any web site that can show you your IP address. Any method would work.

Here are some suggestions:

Copy your IPv4 and IPv6 (optional) addresses.

3. Add your IP address to PrivateAnalytix's "Exclude IPs" list

  • Go to your PrivateAnalytix dashboard and click on the site you want to manag

  • Then, click on the three dots in the right upper corner and click "Edit"

  • Enter as many IP address as you'd like to exclude from your analytics (one per line) and click "Save"


If you'd like to exclude bots for being tracked, check the "Exclude bots" option as well.

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